Who are we?

Vicky Twomey-Lee

Vicky is a coder ( things that are geeky). She use to work at Sun Microsystems back in the day followed by wading knee deep in bills, amendments and motions at Propylon and did a bit of freelancing. She fancied being a creative which took her back to study Masters in Multimedia.

She had the most wonderful experience curating ideas for a Science Gallery exhibition called GAME in 2012 which started her journey connecting with the amazing indie games community in Dublin and around Ireland.

Her past includes being a tech liaison between companies and the tech community groups to hosting events (very different to organising) to running game jams around the country. An Ambassador to AlterConf Dublin in 2016 and Dublin Is Tech 2018.

She was the main organiser for Python Ireland user group for over 10 years, but nowadays she can be found organising and running community tech events around Dublin, and advocating diversity in tech as well as collaborating in a running Diversity in Games Programme.

She was featured on Silicon Republic's 100 Top Women in STEM 2014 and on IrishCentral's talented 38 women of technology for 2014.

She's currently the Vice-Chair of WITS Ireland.

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